Music Review!! Kiss Daniel’s New Song “No Do” – Wackest Jam Or A FlyBoi Hit?

Music Review!! Kiss Daniel’s New Song “No Do” – Wackest Jam Or A FlyBoi Hit?

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It was a big step for Kiss Daniel after moving on from the Cage of G-Worldwide to float his own record label, FlyBoi INC. Yes! Life is never a stagnation, it is constant movement, nonrhythmic movement.

After proving his worth as an all-around entertainer this year with two amazing tracks, Yeba and Sofa, his latest track, “No Do” which was released as his first song under his FlyBoi INC.

The track “No Do” by Kiss Daniel signifies the first result of his movement away from G-worldwide and it would be honest to admit that it is the weakest track ever from Kiss Daniel.

The song is a good one and he deserves 👍 for that but if you compare this with his previous songs, you will agree with me this is the poorest of them all.

Guess the trouble G-worldwide was putting him through really affected him in concentrating well to give us another banger better than YebaSofa or even Wojuself 😩

Pe pe ri pe pe pe ri pepe

No Go Dey Do Pass Yourself (Chorus)

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It’s obvious the producer employed by Kiss Daniel on this song “No fit do pass himself“. The overall instrumental accompaniment of the song is neither strong nor engaging like what we are already used to in all Kiss Daniel’s tunes.

On this note, the YEBA crooner should go back to working with top class producers like DJ Coublon and others.

Lyrically, the song is thought-provoking and inspiring for those living fake lives, always trying to form what they are not, always doing pass their real self. Nice lyrical content from the FlyBoi boss.

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This is a motivational song to every young boy out their hustling to become great 💪🏻

Overall, We rate this song  5/10  ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆

Over to you guys.

Would you say the song  👉 “No Do” By Kiss Daniel, A Wackest Jam or A Flyboi Hit?

Let’s hear from you!

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