How I Met My Fiancé At A Restaurant – Stephanie Coker

How I Met My Fiancé At A Restaurant – Stephanie Coker

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Soon to be married Media personalty/actress, Stephanie Coker, has in a new interview, confirmed that love is found in unexpected places.

According to Stephanie, she met her fiancé at a restaurant where she had gone to have a business meeting. Explaining how she met in an interview with SCHICK Magazine, the actress confessed that heeding a waitress’ advice ensured that she got her man.

“He’s a property developer and we dated for three years before getting engaged. He saw me sitting alone while waiting to meet with someone who never showed up, so he sent a waitress over to ask if I wanted anything to eat. I declined because I was there to work and I just wanted to have my meeting. The waitress cheekily suggested I should accept his offer, so I ended up getting takeaway and giving him my business card. He gave me a call and the rest is history (by the way, when he tells this story, he says I was staring at him – I wasn’t!),” she said.

She also shed some light on her women empowerment programme, ‘The Future Is Her’. She said that all she wants to achieve with the project was to use her platform “to help talented, young women in Nigeria go up the career ladder. Fame is great, money is great, but there is no point to it all, if you’re not making an impact in people’s lives,” she added.

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