Saudi Authorities On Monday Executed An Ethiopian Housemaid Convicted Of Killing The Child Of Her Employer More Than Three Years Ago, The Interior Ministry Said.

An Ethiopian housemaid who is convicted of killing the child of her employer more than three years ago, have been executed on Monday by Saudi authorities.
In an official statement the Interior Ministry said that the execution was carried out after the death sentence was endorsed by the king.
News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that the convict had confessed having knifed to death the 6-year-old girl in June 2013, allegedly in retaliation for her family’s ill-treatment.
Monday’s beheading brings to 119 the total number of executions so far this year in the conservative kingdom.
According to international rights groups, Saudi Arabia is among the top executioners in the world.
On Jan. 2, authorities beheaded 47 people, including a prominent Shiite cleric, on terrorism-related charges.
Report says Saudi Arabia has imposed death penalty for murder, armed robbery, banditry, r*pe, drug-trafficking and witchcraft.
The kingdom, which applies a strict interpretation of Islamic law, has repeatedly rejected calls to end the death penalty, saying the punishment deters would-be offenders.
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