How to Finger a Girl Like a Total Pro

How to Finger a Girl Like a Total Pro

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Various women need different kinds of stimulation:

“Here’s what I like. All women are different. It would be helpful if she were a masturbator, because then you could get a sense of how she likes her clit handled. Pretty much every woman is different. Some like it to be treated roughly, some women will wilt like tulips if you do much more than blow on it. I’m definitely toward the tulip end of the spectrum.”
In the beginning, avoid direct stimulation of her clit:
“Gentleman approaches and gently, I said gently pinches my labia together with the pads of his finger tips, right at the clit, where the lips meet. When he does that, he twangs the nerve bundle of my cli**ris. He then kind of slides, again GENTLY, the labia up and down that nerve shaft. It feels good, and it’s not putting direct pressure or contact on the cli**ris, which I don’t like until I’m ready to go.”

“Once I’m wiggling around & looking happy, he very slowly and gently slips a MOISTENED (lube or saliva) finger between the labia. He does not immediately mash the cli**ris like an X-Box button, he makes a narrow V with his fingers and slides them around the clit, so he feels it between his fingers. Again, feels great, but it’s not direct stimulation.”
Play with her and tease her:
“Again, when wiggling & more “hurry up” signals commence, he will either continue with #2 if he wants to be mean, or go back to #1 if he wants to be really mean, or he will approach the opening. When going in, he doesn’t dither around the opening – there aren’t any pleasure sensors there, so nothing kills the ride more than having it messed with. He’ll enter (with clean hands and trimmed fingernails/no hangnails) with one finger at first, then two. Some women like ‘forward’ pressure – i.e. where you press upward toward their belly, with your fingers and make a kind of ‘come here’ motion – the G-spot is usually about 1-2 inches in.”

“For some reason, my bladder is right there, so that makes me feel like I have to pee, and it hurts. My gentleman who has been around the block a lot, claims I’m the only woman he’s known who is like this, so YMMV. Anyway for me, he usually presses down a bit while pushing his fingers inward, which is a happy feeling. He’s usually careful with his hands as well – sometimes if you’re really jamming your fingers in hard, you can pinch the labia against the sit bones or pubic bone, which hurts.”
Alternate your moves:
“He usually alternates penetration with clitoral rubbing then – I personally do not like intense clit flicking. The clit needs slippery moisture, and work with the pads of the finger, not the harder tip of the finger. He usually keeps the hood in between his fingers and my clit.”

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