Eating p*ssy 101: Become Her Master with These Tips and Tricks

Eating p*ssy 101: Become Her Master with These Tips and Tricks

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Technique #1: The Basic Move (Dog Lick)

The “Dog Lick” technique is one of the basics that each and every guy needs to know. It is very simple and all you need to do is:

Make your tongue flat
Relax it as much as possible
Lick her whole vulva (including her labia, vaginal opening, and clit) with your flat relaxed tongue in a slow motion
Do this from the bottom (her vaginal opening) to her cli**ris
When returning down just follow her inner and outer labia on one side by the tip of your tongue
The second time you need to focus on her lips on the other side
This is a very simple technique each and every guy should begin with as it shows your interest in her and that you enjoy her p*ssy!

Technique #2: The Lips Check Up

The “Lips Check Up” may sound like something that is a part of a daily job of a gynecologist. However, it is an excellent way to built anticipation when “going down on her”.

All you have to do is to follow these few steps:

Make your fingers wet (use your saliva or her p*ssy juice)
Spread her labia from each other with your hands
Begin with kissing her outer labia (both right and left)
With a flat tongue, lick her outer labia from bottom-up and return with the tip of your tongue in the space between her inner and outer labia (both right and left)
You can continue by sucking gently on each of her inner lips
Just keep in mind to pay attention to each of her labia as there is nothing worse when some part of her vulva gets absolutely no attention at all!

Technique #3: The Tongue Penetration

The “Tongue Penetration” technique is very easy to follow. All you will need is your tongue and a little bit patience.

Here are few instructions:

Stick out your tongue
Make it as firm as possible
Penetrate her with your tongue and mimic “in and out” movements you normally do with your man-hood when having s*x
This move is great as it leaves her cli**ris without your attention for a while and in this way it builds more anticipation in her. By the way, expect pain in small muscles around your throat when doing this technique for a while.

Technique #4: The Clit Flicker & Sucker

The “Clit Flicker & Sucker” is a very intense method that is focusing directly on her cli**ris. Therefore, avoid this technique if she is too sensitive in that area and can not handle direct stimulation.

If she can, then proceed to these steps:

You need to expose her cli**ris by pulling its hood away with one of your fingers (use either your thumb or index finger)
Once exposed, put your lips and mouth all over it
Place your tongue under her cli**ris and start flicking it slowly and gently
Move your tongue up & down and increase your speed gradually
Add side-to-side and circular motions into the mix
As she gets closer to climax, suck on her clit a little bit and escalate your vacuum and suction power until she reaches a very intense climax
Some women can not handle a direct stimulation and sucking of clit. Therefore, change this technique according to her preferences.

You should also moan when focusing on her clit as it shows her that you absolutely love her p*ssy and adds tiny sound vibrations to her aroused clit.
Always treat her clit very slowly from the beginning as some women are too sensitive to direct stimulation. If this is the case, you should lick and suck all around it and its hood but never go for a direct hit.
Add sucking of her clit only when she is really aroused and close to climaxing as it may be too much for her from beginning.

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