I Am Confused – My Fiancee’s Mum Is In Love With Me

I Am Confused – My Fiancee’s Mum Is In Love With Me

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My girlfriend of 5years asked me recently to come and meet her mum. The woman would be u her mid 40s or so. I was a little bit nervous meeting her.

I summoned the courage and agreed to meet a finally. She lives alone in a big mansion. I greeted her. She offered me her hand.

I shook her hands in return but I noticed it took a long time leaving my hands. All the time I was in her house, she was sending me a lot of romantic gestures.

She asked for My number and I gave her instantly. She has been disturbing me with her calls and text messages telling me she loves me. I am a bit confused.

I don’t want to lose my girlfriend and I can’t even imagine myself dating her mum.

Please What Should I Do?

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