What would make a groom weep profusely at his wedding, is a question that has got many talking on social media since this wedding photo emerged online.
A wedding ceremony is an event of a life time that will always be celebrated by the couple, family, friends and welll wishers.
This photo of an emotional groom weeping uncontrollably at his wedding has caught the attention of social media users and it has been making the rounds on social media.


Since it is unusual to see men cry at their weddings ( a gesture best known to be likened to the brides), many have been wondering why this groom’s case is different, as it has sparked several mixed reactions.
A social media user commented, “Wow! It’s rare to see a man cry on his wedding day.”
Another said, ” He can’t believe he finally succeeded in winning her after all her shakara and sugar daddies package”
One made fun of th esituation stating that, “He is crying because he just remembered the amount of debt he has just gone into over the wedding”
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