Do you agree? These Are Some Problems That Only Boys Face. [18+ ONLY]

Do you agree? These Are Some Problems That Only Boys Face. [18+ ONLY]

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Both men and women face sexism. But the type of sexism that women face is acknowledged by society. This is rarely the case with the sexism that boys and men face.

For example:

If a man slaps his wife because she cheated on him, he is an abusive and a horrible person. If a woman does the same, she is a strong, independent woman that doesn’t take poo from anyone. She is even praised.

If I take my shirt off, and a group of girls stare and take a picture of me, then they are just girlish. If a woman takes her shirt off, and a group of boys stare and take a picture, they are seen as perverts.

If I am drunk and have sex with a sober woman, I am regarded as lucky. If I am sober and have sex with a drunk woman, I am labeled a rapist.

Responsibility, then more responsibility. Responsibility until you die like a responsible person. A girl can be accompanied by a guy easily, all they have to do is ask a guy. But for a guy, it is a nightmare to get a girl if they are not committed.

Often the girls with a beautiful smile, pretty eyes or a sexy figure would end up getting higher scores than the hard working boys who slog for hours in the college library. Why does socializing have to remain a distant dream for the millions of single guys out there?

let me drop my pen here, guys feel free to add yours.

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