Advert Enquiry is one of Nigeria’s top rated music promo platform. We are here to help Nigerian artistes grow in leaps and bounds. It is a Household name to reckon on the Internet when it comes to Music & Video Promotion in Nigeria.. Over the years we’ve generated over 500 Million Downloads promoting Nigerian Music & Video on the Internet.

Are you a Musician,  Record Label Owner or Artiste/Brand Manager? Come Lets Showcase your Artiste(s) work  on our Platform and Experience the true Effectiveness of Internet promotion you can’t get elsewhere except from Gistsvilla.

We know what works and what does not work! A good song without a good promotion is a big shit! Let’s help you get your song/video to Million of Nigerians home and abroad without you robbing the bank.

Benefits Of Promoting Your Music With Us

  •  You stand a big chance of performing at our selected shows/events held through the year both in and out of the country.
  •  You also get to participate in our annual music awards known as the Gistsvilla Music Awards (An UpComing Artist Platform).
  • You get industry tips and opportunities sent to you when they come to us
  •  The search engine (Google/Yahoo/Bing etc) recognizes your name when searched for
  • People can easily search for your song on the internet

Unfortunately we cant just promote anyone, all artists that send in materials  go through a strict approval process where some of our team reviews your lyrics, vocals and quality. Its those factors that decide whether we promote you or not. If you are disapproved this doesn’t mean your not good enough, its just we feel that your work needs improvement before we can promote you.


If  you want to make a complaint about any of our online services or if you think your or someone else’s intellectual property or other rights have been infringed by our online services you can do so by submitting full details by sending your email to [email protected]

So whats the cost for all this? NOTHING, its a FREE service. Send Us a Mail Now To “[email protected](This mail is strictly only for Music/Video Promotions).

Sponsored Post?

I can help you promote your offline/online business, start-up, seminar etc to my targeted blog readers and you will get a good value for your money.

You can use Sponsored post, Banner ads or Text ads to advertise on my blog. I can publish a sponsored post about your website, blog, start up, business OR add your website address into an existing blog post as a sponsor of the post. For FREE, I will promote the post on my Social networks as well as on my BBM.  If you want to share an interesting article as a guest post, See here:

Are you an expert in your field? Do you want to reach a mass audience? Do you want to write for Gistsvilla? Then look no further. At, you can be rest assured that your post here will get you some needed exposure for your blog or business. is always on the lookout for experienced writers who are passionate about writing tutorials and tips related to blogging, social media, digital marketing, money-making ideas. etc

Why Write for Us?

==> You will get exposure to a targeted dedicated group of readers which comprises of tech experts, bloggers and other non geeky readers.

==> Your article will reach many RSS feed readers through email feed, so you get instant readership when your article goes live.

==> Free Social Media Promotion – All out guest articles are also syndicated to Gistsvilla social profiles including our Twitter page which will provide the social media attention you need for your site or business

==> You are guaranteed eternal human traffic from your links, NOT search engine traffic. Hence, do not bother sending your post if you are only interested in getting link juice from one article i.e I will not follow your links but you will get clicks on your links forever from readers of your post.

If you are ready to submit a guest post, here are the rules for guest posting at Gistsvilla:


  1. Posts must NOT BE LESS THAN 350 WORDS
  2. Posts must be original. Must NOT BE COPIED from your blog, another site, book, magazine etc.
  3. Guest posts CANNOT be republished. You agree not to modify and publish it somewhere else in the near future.
  4. The topic of your guest post must NEVER have been treated on this blog.
  5. You MUST be able to reply to comments left on your guest posts. Backlinks will be removed if you fail to do so after contacting you.
  6. Posts must be non-promotional. Must NOT be written for the purpose of advertising a product, website or some paid services.
  7. Posts with affiliate links, irrelevant links and links to questionable websites may be rejected. You cannot sell links to your clients from your article.
  8. Updating of links several times after post goes live will not be accepted.
  9. You can promote your guest article on social media sites like Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Stumbleupon etc.
  10. Guest posts are unpaid.

Note: We reserve the right to modify your guest article, before publishing and to reject post that we feel is not appropriate for this blog or for the niche it belongs to.

If you have interest in writing for us and having your post published, please  Contact Us .

Can I add my bio?

Yes. You’ve worked hard to give us great content, so let us help you promote you. We want to highlight you and your blog. This is largely done in your byline.

Bylines should be a sentence or two explaining who you are and what you do. Feel free to include links to your social media profiles in it e.g Link to your Facebook page and Google+ profile. Your byline will appear at the bottom of your post. You can also add your blog’s URL but we will NOT link to it.

We shall get back to you with info as to whether your contribution is acceptable or not.

Please, note that there is a difference between guest posts and sponsored posts. Guest posts are generally written by other bloggers and sponsored posts are written by, or on behalf of, a company or organization to advertise a free or paid service.

We may not accept posts written on behalf of your company or client except you agree it’s a sponsored post.

Thanks in advance for your contribution to the growth of

If you’re going to guest blog, best to do it with the intention to build your brand, drive traffic and create awareness.  Doing it to bolster your SEO efforts is a #FAIL these days. – Duane Forrester, Sr. Product Manager Bing

If you want to promote your business, product or services, continue reading.

My blog, Gistsvilla is a great place to promote your business, startup, products or services with a sponsored post which can also include images, contact information etc. The post stays on my blog forever as long as the blog exists.

Trust me, promoting your business, products or event with a blog post is far more better than banner advertisement. You can google the advantages of content marketing.

Sponsored posts, which can include press releases, videos, articles, interviews…you name it, cost N30,000 or $150  per article and payment is required before posts go live on my blog.

Apart from posting your article on my blog, I also share across my social networks, bbm, whatsapp etc

Sponsoring a post will get your info permanently available on my blog, blasted out to my thousands social media followers, and passed along through RSS feeds and newsletters.

Over 10,000 email subscribers are currently subscribed to Gistsvilla with their email addresses and still counting. This simply means once your post goes LIVE, those subscribers will get to know about you, your products/services or your business and they will see the post as a recommendation from me. Cool..huh?

I will use my SEO skills to provide long tail search engine exposure for you to enable people discover your sponsored post when they search Google and other search engines using keywords associated with your products and services.

Please note, all links in the article will be live and connected to your site, but WILL NOT pass pagerank. It is not compulsory you have a website before I can promote your business. I can set up a website for your business though…

I will also make your info stick to the homepage of the blog  for an entire 30days, no matter how many posts published after your sponsored post.

Kindly note that your Sponsored Post will stay on my blog for live as long as the blog exists.

I and those that share my posts will also share the post on BBM, BBM Channels, Instagram, Twitter etc. I will also use hootsuite to keep sharing the post with my other posts continuously on my social networks when I schedule my posts with the app.

Who Writes the Post?

Since you know your business or product that I do, then you are to write the article and send to me. If you can’t write, pay someone to write for you. I can also help you come up with a simple article though, if I get some basic details from you.

If you’d prefer, I can get your sponsorship onto an existing article. If all you’re looking for is to be affiliated with a particular subject, take a moment to search the blog using the search boxes. If you find an article you’d like to sponsor, just let me know which one. I will edit it for you.

Ready to get started?

I accept payments via bank deposits, mobile transfer, online transfer, Quickteller, Western Union, VoguePay and I will begin the project as soon as the funds reach my account.

Cool, I am interested. What Should I Do?

==>  Contact Us with the subject “Interested in a Sponsored Post“. I will get back to you asap.

I can also generate an invoice to you if you represent a coy.

Alternatively, you can TEXT or Whatsapp me, +918374521541.

Can I Call You?

==> You can but I might not pick your call if am busy at work, if am talking on my other phones or if you call at odd hours. I prefer your text or mail me so I can easily follow up with our discussion.

Just imagine a potential buyer search for where to buy your product in Google and stumbles on a post about your business on my-award winning Gistsvilla. You know what that means???

I look forward to promoting you!

NB: I do not refund payments once I publish your post.

Banner Ads

I am currently using an adserver to serve ads on my blog so that advertisers can have access to the LIVE performance report of adverts placed on my blog including number of views, clicks, CTR, conversions etc.

You can contact me for the demo login details to access the advertisers dashboard where you can submit new adverts, set number of views (if paying per views) and also track performance of your ads.

Banner/Text ads are seen by users of computers and mobile devices, including those that use Opera Mini browsers.

You can choose to pay per 1000 impressions or a flat rate.

Kindly mail me to get the current ad rates.

We Currently Offer Banner Ads of this Class:-

  • 728 x 90 – [Leaderboard]
  • 300 x 250 – [Medium Rectangle]
  • 160 x 600 – [Skyscraper]
  • 300 x 300 [large Rectangle]
  • 300 x 600 [larger Rectangle]
  • 300 x 50 [Mobile Ads Banner]
  • 1280 x 1024 – [Site Background Takeover]

Text Ads

A Text Format Link Shown on our Mobile Site Pages .

Contact me for more info about the text ads.

==> If you opt for the 728 x 90 ad size, I will also promote you via a blog post, on Instagram and on Twitter. You also get FREE ad slot on the mobile version.

SMS or Email Marketing – With Over 2 Million Verified Nigerian Phone Numbers & Email, You can get your Ads Seen by Potential Audience.

How To Pay For Gistsvilla Service

You can always pay for any of our services via:

Bank Name  :     ECOBank
Account Name:     Oduntan Stephen Taiwo
Account Number:   1801228085

You can request via email or text for my GTB or Access Bank account details, if you do not have First Bank around you. You can also pay via internet banking or mobile banking.

Steps For  Payments: Kindly Send Us a Mail [email protected], Then Subject Should Be “The Service You Are Applying For“, e.g Banner Ads, Text Ads, Sponsored Posts. Then on the “Message Box“, Write Down Briefly What You want ,  Then “Send”. After a while, We will get back to you via your Email address provided to give you the required informations/Documents we need to grant your request. After payment,  Reply Us the bank paid to, amount paid, teller number (With attachment), email address and what you paid for to [email protected]. Your payment will be confirmed and you will be sorted out appropriately.

You can also pay via Paypal, Western Union, VoguePay, Perfect Money etc. If you want to pay online with your card, I can generate an email invoice for you. Contact Me Pls.

For other inquiries, please Contact Us.
NOTE: I can help you host the banner for FREE, Hence you wont have to worry about bandwidth on your own server.  Your ad runs on ALL Pages of the blog, including the homepage.
Alternatively,  you can use Google Adwords to advertise your product and service on my blog by targeting my blog.
Get listed today!
Oduntan Stephen (Owner)
+918374521541 (Text Only)

NB : I DO NOT refund advert payments once your ad starts running.