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It is once again that time of the year. Loads of freebies to be won, to mark Areafada’s forthcoming birthday on the 19th of June 2016. Answer these questions accurately with the hashtag #HBDCB and win $300.00

1. What was CharlyBoy’s first single called??#HBDCB
2. What musical  genre is CB’s rendition of the song Kiss originally done by Late Prince called??? #HBDCB
3. We know CharlyBoy has a large family. How many Children/Grand children does he have??#HBDCB
4. Because of his curiosity, charlyboy has explored different religions including Buddhism. What is his authentic Faith and religion? #HBDCB
5. Aside music, TV productions, journalism, youth advocacy, philanthropy, real estate, etc etc what is CharlyBoy’s main business.#HBDCB
6. What does CharlyBoy have in common with the late Fela? #HBD
The best three answers wins $300. Let the brain tussle begin.
Happy Birthday in Advance to CharlyBoy, The Areafada himself.
Committee of Die HARD FANS.
TWITTER @areafada1
INSTAGRAM @areafada1
AND LIKE MY FACEBOOK – CHARLYBOY. That is where the winners will be picked. Best of luck.

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