A MUST READ – Phone Battery Myths You Need To Stop Believing

A MUST READ – Phone Battery Myths You Need To Stop Believing

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There seems to be this mind block that don’t allow phone users of today realize how well technology has advanced especially with batteries. I want to share with you guys some of the top battery myths we still seem to believe today.

1. Charge Your Battery Fully On First Use For Hours

I still hear attendants in phones stores tell their customers this. Older Batteries of nickel cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries used to be stupid.

They forget their full capacity which wouldn’t allow them to fully charge again. So, you’d have to charge a battery to 100% for hours on first use and let a battery discharge all the way to 0% before charging it again.

That’s not the case anymore, and it hasn’t been for a long time. Smartphone’s today have lithium-ion batteries, which don’t suffer from the memory problems, lithium-ion batteries count charges differently than older batteries, so you don’t need to worry about discharging it completely or charging it to 100% on first use.

2. Charging Your Battery Overnight Kills The Battery Life

It used to be possible to ruin a battery by leaving it plugged in all the time when you plugged in your phone for long periods, older lithium-ion batteries could overheat which in turn just reduces the charge capacity and long-term life of the battery.

These days, chargers and smartphones are smart enough to prevent this from happening, at 100 they will only trickle charge a battery and run the phone on an extreme low power from a charger.

Just like some laptops can stay on when you remove the battery as far as the charger stays plugged in, your phones will run mainly on the charger power when your battery hits 100%.

3. Closing Apps To Save Your Battery Only Makes Things Worse

I once shared this information here, but it’s still something I see a lot of people do, you pick up their phone and you will see up to 2 to 3 battery saving apps and they seem to believe it works. Please if you still have any on your phone uninstall it and don’t look back.

There was a time during the time of android 2.3 and below when app management software’s worked but thanks to development Google and other OEMS have worked hard on memory management algorithms.

Most of your third party battery management software will negate the performance of these algorithms and cause more harm to your phone than good.

4. A 5000 Mah Power Bank Will Yield 2 Full Charges For A 2500mah Device

We generally believe a 2500mah battery should be fully charged twice by a 5000mah battery. The catch is the voltage at which it charges.

The power rating of a power bank is calculated at 3.7 volts whereas the phone charges at 5 volts. When you connect your charger to the power bank, the Voltage is converted to 5V which automatically affects the overall power of the power bank, when power gets to the phone the power is converted back to 4.2v.

During this conversion process there is always a lot of power loss due to heat, that conversion efficiency also plays a big role on the actual capacity of the power bank.

I stumbled on a formula which can help you determined the actual the actual power of a battery but you should know when using this formula that power loss due to heat and conversion efficiency was not considered.
Actual PB capacity = ((PB capacity in mAh * 3.7) / 4.2) * 0.8

PB= power bank
0.8 = power factor

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