The 7 Places You Must Avoid In Abuja To Save Your Life

The 7 Places You Must Avoid In Abuja To Save Your Life

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Every other day in the news we hear stories of people been attacked by armed robbers and hoodlums on the streets of Nigeria.

While there is never a guarantee of one hundred percent safety, knowledge of places to avoid can be an advantage. Sometimes, knowledge like this is the difference between life and death.

Below is a list of danger spots in Abuja, you should totally avoid:

  1. Behind Sheraton up to CBN Axis in Abuja during the evening.

  2. Areas around Mabushi bridge are mostly very risky at night.

  3. Area 1 and Area 2 Bridge are also dangerous. It is advisable not to walk alone. Also, if you are driving lock the doors and don’t stop even when someone bangs on your car.

  4. Mabushi/Jabi under the bridge are dangerous at night.

  5. Between Galadimawa bridge to Jabi airport junction are also dangerous spots late in the evening.

  6. Areas between Galadimawa and Lokogoma are also dangerous.

  7. Lastly, Bolingo hotel axis in Central Area are dangerous both day and night.

According to Twitter user, @ManiPeters, young men were seen pulling her from all sides as she tried to escape from them.

ManiPeters stated that as he watched the seen in horror the helpless woman was rescued by the driver of a Toyota Corolla who stopped for the lady to hop into the car.

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