50 Nigerian Students Arrested Over Turkey Failed Coup

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The Turkish government have alleged arrested 50 Nigerian student over the botched military coup in the country.
Most of the students are said to study with Fathi University.
A relative of one of the detained students told ThisDay that the students’ passports were seized.
“Upon arrival at Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, they were all escorted to a room and their passport confiscated by Turkish police,” the relative was quoted as saying.
“When they enquired why they were clamped in a dirty room, the police said they are students of a terrorist organisation. They offered to transfer them to government schools but on the condition that we will pay same fees as private universities.”
Hakan Cakil, Turkish ambassador to Nigeria had asked Nigeria to close down 17 turkish schools in the country, claiming that were indirectly involved in the coup.
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