10 Things Nigerians No Longer Talk About

10 Things Nigerians No Longer Talk About

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Some things Nigerians No longer Talk About ….

1.No one talks about where our President is ( we’ve all accepted our fate of being ruled by a president residing in London. Maybe, Arsenal FC would sign him incase Laccazete fails).

  1. No one talks about MMM ( their fate is solely in their hands)…

  2. No one talks about Evans ( wherever he is now , no one knows and no one cares to know. he was probably watching Real madrid’s match last night while sipping a coffee )

  3. No one talks about all the recovered loots / funds . ( where is the whole money hiding )….?

5 . No one talks about Dasuki gate and his chronology of looters….

  1. No one talks about the so many Dollars recovered from Whistle blowing avenue and the one Wike was claiming ownership ( hancha adago mmiri now )…..the whole whistle have suddenly rusted and can’t make any more sound….

  2. No one talks about the payment of 5k stipend to the jobless youth as promised by The APC government….

  3. No one talks about Steady light in Nigeria anymore…(better go buy your own generator and scamper for petrol.)

  4. No one talks about petrol price going back to normal 65naira or even 96 naira before they removed the fuel subsidy and we all shouted ,” Eureka……. Anyone can now import fuel and the price would soon crash like the walls of Jerico….( how many have you imported or anyone from your kindred )…….143/ltr pricing cemented

  5. No one talks about where the removed fuel subsidy money delved ….( guess all roads and infrastructures have been fixed ) …..i told them, the only reasonable thing and direct impact this so called government gives to her citizenry was payment of subsidy, atleast, we could buy petrol at a cheaper price and keep powering our houses at least to charge our mobile phones……..

During subsidy, it was alleged that some individuals/cabals loot via it but atleast, we were sharing in the loot by buying at cheaper rate, Now, it’s been removed and the looting is exponentially transformed .

Oh my God….how did we get to this level…. Scam is even little to say the least….
Add more because i’m sure they are still many…

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